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Top 25 Vineyards In Australia

Top 25 Vineyards In Australia


Top 25 Vineyards In Australia

Savaterre's vineyard has been named in the top 25 vineyards in Australia.

"On the charts with a bullet – this time next year, once the 2004 chardonnay, in particular, has been released, the rating could easily move even higher. This, it has to be said, is a spectacular vineyard with spectacular potential, and as the 2002 wines show, that potential is sheeting through with a clarity that is shattering. And it’s the vineyard that is doing it. The south-facing slope that fronts into the teeth of the Victorian Alps, the ancient rocky soils, the high altitude, the warm summers and the cold, cold nights. This is a dramatic landscape and the truth is that the wines are all about that: the vineyard was only planted in 1997, all chardonnay and pinot noir, but the near-cinematic quality of this site is already blindingly obvious. The potential of this place is limitless." Ranked 22 out of 25.

Australian Sommelier magazine, March 2006

  • Client: Network
  • Location: Beechworth, Victoria
  • Date:
  • Category: New Release

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