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Savaterre 2015 'Frere Cadet' Pinot

Savaterre 2015 'Frere Cadet' Pinot


An interesting release from Savaterre. In some ways it’s borderline, in others it’s deliciously drinkable. The latter point wins the day. It’s light, there’s no doubting that, though it has just enough. It’s meaty and savoury but underpinned by stewed cherry flavours, a floral lift keeping it both bright and lively. Dry spice notes reach almost into pepper; a slip of cedary/smoky oak adds a smidgen of polish. This is a lifted style, a ‘drink now’ wine with character laid on - 90 Points"

Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front : April 2016

Our “Frère Cadet” (Younger Brother) label is for wines made from grapes sourced from other Beechworth vineyards. As Savaterre's 2014 pinot noir vintage was quite small we decided to blend the two sources to produce this year‘s release.

I want our Frere Cadet releases to be a less expensive artisan alternative to mass-produced industrial wines. To be enjoyed more regularly than the more complex Savaterre “Estate” wines.

Frére Cadet is made with the same traditional winemaking as its big brother. Organic viticulture, wild yeast fermentation, no added yeasts or bacteria. It is aged for 18 months in the very best French barrels we import.

This pinot noir is delicious. In no way simple or fruit driven, however open and approachable at a young age. Juicy acid with a lively structure. I want you to enjoy this wine on occasions when Grand Cru would not be appropriate.

A versatile wine that can pair with just about anything, from the subtle flavours of a simple roast chicken or duck, to the strong spicy flavours of Asian cuisine.

When you first smell this wine you cannot escape the exotic lifted perfume. Aromas of dark morello cherry, rose petals, brambles, allspice, clove and nutmeg. A compliment of fine oak is lurking in the background and manifests itself as a subtle cedary, cigar box aroma.

The flavours accurately reflect the aromas. All held together with a, for want of a better word, juiciness. It refreshes your taste buds during a meal without interfering with the main course!