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Savaterre 2017 Pinot Noir

Savaterre 2017 Pinot Noir

Savaterre 2017 Pinot Noir

"While many have opted for other cultivars over pinot noir in Beechworth of late, Keppell Smith persists. And for the better! For even as it gets warmer on those sub-alpine granitic slopes, there is something febrile about the pinot at this address, accentuated by a minimal hand in the winery: natural yeast, fining and filtration eschewed and sulphur-dioxide levels psychologically reassuring, little more. A sandalwood forest floor scent greets the first whiff. Candied orange rind, root beer and tumeric to clove, alluding to whole-cluster in the mix. Woodsy red berry scents, too, but the lead solo is the texture: spindly tannins, expansive and moreish. Akin to nebbiolo. Then the key riff of volatility conferring zest and lift, sensitively appointed to the style at hand. Rated : 94 Points"

Ned Goodwin - Halliday

This is a delicious, juicy, fragrant wine.

Lifted aroma of dewy rose petal, sour cherry, pomegranate, raspberry and ripe red berry fruits, exotic spices with a subtle gamey truffle finish. Pure, focused and precise with great length, texture and persistence.

An elegant wine of depth, complexity and finesse.

Please open this wine and decant a few hours before enjoyment as this wine continues to evolve and reveal its nuances over many hours.