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Savaterre 2014 Shiraz

Savaterre 2014 Shiraz


Savaterre 2014 Shiraz

A great vintage and only the third commercial release from these 15-year-old close-planted vines. It’s been a joy from day one. Emirates Airlines have been serving the 2013 Shiraz in their first class cabin and will be pouring our 2014 shiraz in the near future. We feel honoured to be included in their very distinguished selection of wines.

2014 is a powerful vintage and no more so than in the Shiraz. The amplification of terroir is magnificent. The wine is at once powerful yet refined and precise. Sophistication and finesse. I was told it was more in the style of Grand Cru Burgundy the other night and I like that comparison. As most of you are aware I abhor caricature wines that have been popular in the last 10 years.

Power with finesse. Without finesse it's just jam.

Beguiling, seductive, lifted and ethereal nose revealing more layers and complexity as the wine breathes.

Complex, ever evolving aromas of red/ dark berries intertwined with exotic spices, cedar and a slight hint of undergrowth. The palate is in harmony with the nose. A rich, complex core of bright red/black berry notes combining with exotic spices.

The palate is very textural and balanced. A beautiful seam of acidity runs through it. A long and enjoyable finish that seems to go on and on, ensuring great longevity.

This wine will continue to improve for many years.